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General Transcription Rates

Standard 3-5 business days: $1.40/min

Extended 5-9 business days: $1.30/min

Rush 48 Hours: $1.80/min

Delayed: 10-14 business days: $1.10/min

Turnaround time does not include the day the file is sent to us. For example, if you send a file on Monday, turnaround time requirements begin on Tuesday. In general, the turnaround times quoted are good for transcription orders of 5-7 audio hours.


Optional Features

Three or More Speakers: $0.25 per additional speaker

Difficult Audio: Additional $0.50/min. This is defined as significant background, poor recording quality, medical or scientific terminology which requires extra research, low speaking voices, and heavy accents.

Time Codes: Additional $0.50/ min. Requesting the option of time-coding will add one business day to the turnaround time.

True Verbatim: $0.50/min. These transcripts will include every stutter, false start, uh-huh, etc.

Please email or call with any questions.

Contact ProScript Office Solutions

Sarah Kvalheim, Owner/Project Director


Phone: (608) 445-8511

1874 Erdahl Dr. Stoughton, WI 53589